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Family Ambassador FAQ's

I have read the important dates and see that I have a conflict. Should I still apply?

All training and event dates listed are required. These trainings are vital because they serve as building blocks to the FA position. If you are aware of any conflicts please contact to determine if this will inhibit you from applying. 


I have a violation, so what does that mean for my application?

Our application asks that if you have a violation that you disclose that situation.

If you are concerned whether your violation will affect your standing, please contact New Student and Family Programs at before submitting you Family Ambassador application.


What if I want to apply to be a Peer Adviser or POP Facilitator too?

Each of the student leader positions in NSFP has a separate application and selection process. If you are selected to move forward to the final stages of any of these application processes, you will receive a form from New Student and Family Programs on Tuesday, February 5 to let us know if there is a position you prefer over the other.

This information is due to us by Tuesday, February 12. Expressing preference for one position over the other does not guarantee that specific position or any position. We do expect however, that if you are taking the time to apply to a position you are actually interested in serving in that role.


I am currently off campus and if selected to move forward in the FA process, I will not be able to make an individual interview. Should I apply?

If you are off campus you are still welcome to apply to be an FA, as long as you will be on campus to complete training in the Spring and Fall. If asked to participate in an individual interview, NSFP would schedule a Skype interview, and this would be taken into consideration when reviewing your application.


I will be off campus the Spring or Fall of 2019. Can I apply?

Unfortunately, you would not be able to apply to be an FA. The bulk of training happen in Spring and Fall Quarters and it is crucial that each FA participate in training in person.