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FA Application Information

How to Apply

The Family Ambassador application is now live! We are excited you are considering applying to be a 2021-2022 Family Ambassador (FA). The FA application will become available early January 2021. Before you begin your application, please make sure you have reviewed the position and important dates.


The Family Ambassador application is now open. The application includes two essay questions.

  1. Why are you interested in serving as a 2021 Family Ambassador?
  2. Reflect on your own/your family’s unique identities, and describe an experience you had that could help aid other families in their transition to Northwestern. Please include what was challenging about the experience for you and/or your family, what you learned from the experience, and how this experience prepares you for the Family Ambassador role.

We encourage you to save a word document with your responses. 

Interview Process

Applicants selected to continue will participate in our individual interview process

The interview process will involve an individual interview occurring in mid-February.


Final selections will be communicated by early March. 

FA Position Restrictions

  • Those who serve as a Peer Adviser, Pre-Orientation Program Facilitator, or Resident Assistant are not able to serve as an FA.
  • If you plan to study abroad this spring or fall quarter, you are not able to fulfill the FA role.
  • If you are planning to live in a residence hall in 2020-2021, you will be allowed to move in early for fall FA training. If you are planning on living in a fraternity/sorority house for the fall of 2020-2021, it is your responsibility to secure early move-in approval from your house as soon as possible. If you are not able to move in early, arrangements to stay with other FAs during fall training will be made.
  • Family Ambassadors must have no other duties or activities during Parent and Family Orientation. Similarly, during Family Weekend, they must have their weekend open for any and all FA duties.
  • New Student and Family Programs staff must follow a strict alcohol policy to ensure focus is kept on the new student, parent, and family experience rather than social events.