SOFO Forms

Check Advance Reconciliations Form

Check Advance Reconciliations Form (PDF) - Used after the money from a check advance is used for its specific purpose.

  • Northwestern University Contract Agreement (PDF) 
    • Generic contract used for payments for individual services, company services, or rentals.
    • Any payments that involve terms and conditions are considered a contract.
    • This document acts as both contract and rider, which were formerly separate documents.

Payments to Individuals will also need:

  • Blank W-9 Tax Form (PDF) - (For individuals NOT employed by the University)
    • This form is needed for tax purposes, for individuals who are NOT employed by Northwestern University.
    • Must be signed pen-to-paper (no typed or stylus signatures).
    • Must be dated within the current calendar year.
  • University Employee Additional Pay Form (PDF) - (For individuals employed by the University)
    • This form is used for payments made to individuals that are currently employed with Northwestern University.
    • The amount recorded on this form will be subject to tax.  If you have questions please contact SOFO at
Event Planning Form (for Grad groups)
Petty Cash Pay-out Form

Petty Cash Pay-out Form (PDF) - Used for reimbursement requests under $30.

Motor Pool Form

Motor Pool Form (PDF) - Used for payments to the University for renting vehicles from motor pool.

Motor Pool Additional Drivers (PDF) - Cannot be used without main Motor Pool form above.

Void Check Request

Void Check Request (PDF) - Used to void a check issued from group's account.

Policy Exception Form

Change of Advisor Form (PDF) - Used to change your group's advisor with SOFO.


Account Reconciliation Form (PDF) - Used to reconcile group accounts at the end of each quarter.

Ledger Worksheet (PDF) - Used to record all the group's transactions.