Video and Audio Conferencing

Conference Phones

  • Conference phones are installed at Norris in the Alumni Room, Scholars Room, and Chicago Room. There is no fee to use these phones, but they must be reserved in advance.
  • Conference phones can be added to other rooms, when available. There is a fee for this service, and they must be reserved in advance.
  • Conference phones can call or receive from one number only. This is not a conference line.

Printable Conference Phone Dialing Instructions (PDF)

Conference Lines

  • Every department is able to setup their own conference line. 
  • If your department does not have one, you can request one here:
  • Remember to bring your call in number and any pin numbers or codes you might need to host the meeting.

Video Conferencing

Alumni Room, Norris Room 301

  • Norris is testing a basic video conferencing setup in the Alumni Room. Please note, this is just a pilot program.
  • The room is equipped with a basic webcam, connected to our resident computer and TV.
  • The conference audio must utilize the conference phone, instead of the TV speakers.
  • We recommend BlueJeans, which is the campus standard.

Guild Lounge, in Scott Hall

  • The Guild Lounge is equipped with a camera and built in conference phone for video conferencing.
  • We recommend BlueJeans, which is the campus standard.
  • Use of this system requires a tech specialist.
  • Contact Norris Event Planning to reserve this resource.

Other Norris Meeting Rooms

  • Norris rooms are not equipped for video conferencing.
  • There are no webcams or cameras in our other rooms.
  • For basic web conferencing, you can use your personal/departmental laptop with a webcam.
  • We recommend BlueJeans, which is the campus standard.
  • Norris can assist with connecting your computer to the TV or Projector, but otherwise we provide no support for video conferencing.
  • As an additional resource, NUamps provides streaming and recording services across campus, including Norris spaces. This service is provided and billed by NUIT, and Norris only provides supplementary support.

Other Locations

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