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Acting and character creation

Acting and Character Creation

billiards instructor and student


Winter 2020 Mini Courses

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The Basics of Chess 

Instructor: Gopal Menon 

  • Tuesdays: 6 pm - 8 pm, January 21 - February 25
    • Fee: $75 NU / $85 Public

Want to learn how to play the game? This class will encompass rules, strategy, tactics and other forms of chess. The instructor has over 13 years of teaching and has coached students to capture 2 state championships.  The class agenda will be supplemented and reinforced through analysis of famous games and exercises for both group and independent work. Overall this course will provide a fascinating introduction to the chess universe



Pocket Billiards for Beginners

Instructor: Larry Schwartz

  • Tuesdays: 6 pm - 8 pm, October 15 - November 19
    • Fee: $75 NU / $85 Public

This course is good for your game whether you're a beginner or advanced pool player. Plenty of interacting and a lot of fun. Students will learn the basic fundamentals and the finer points to become a better pool player, including trick shots, bank shots, combinations, carom shots, and many more.


English as a Second Language - Spoken Communication 

Instructor: Irene Sakk 

  • Mondays: 7 pm - 8:30 pm, January 27 - March 2
    • Fee: $75 NU / $85 Public

ESL – Spoken Communication is a mixed-proficiency-level course in which students learn the speaking skills and conversational strategies needed to ask culturally and linguistically appropriate questions and to communicate effectively in a range of authentic contexts. Students create their own learning plan and atmosphere and participate in real-life scenarios and group discussions. This course invites students to explore English language and North American culture as a way to expand their social network and make new acquaintances.