Special Interest


The Basics of Chess


Pocket Billiards for Beginners


The Basics of Chess 

Instructor: Gopal Menon 

Want to learn how to play the game? This class will encompass rules, strategy, tactics and other forms of chess. The instructor has over 13 years of teaching and has coached students to capture 2 state championships.  The class agenda will be supplemented and reinforced through analysis of famous games and exercises for both group and independent work. Overall this course will provide a fascinating introduction to the chess universe


Pocket Billiards for Beginners

Instructor: Larry Schwartz

This course is good for your game whether you're a beginner or advanced pool player. Plenty of interacting and a lot of fun. Students will learn the basic fundamentals and the finer points to become a better pool player, including trick shots, bank shots, combinations, carom shots, and many more.


English as a Second Language - Spoken Communication 

Instructor: Irene Sakk 

ESL – Spoken Communication is a mixed-proficiency-level course in which students learn the speaking skills and conversational strategies needed to ask culturally and linguistically appropriate questions and to communicate effectively in a range of authentic contexts. Students create their own learning plan and atmosphere and participate in real-life scenarios and group discussions. This course invites students to explore English language and North American culture as a way to expand their social network and make new acquaintances. 


Conversational French  

Instructor: Reza Lotfi  

Learn this beautiful passionate language in a relaxed setting. The course is designed for students with minimal or no experience in French, and it will focus on developing basic communication skills for real-life situations, as well as learning aspects of France and the Francophone culture through songs and animations. Students work in groups and attendance, participation, and individual preparation outside of classes are essential for success. In this course, students will learn at least 500 words during class! 


Spanish for Beginners 

Instructor: Vanessa Angel   

This course is geared towards students with no prior experiences and introduces them to the building blocks of Spanish: the alphabet and the proper pronunciation of consonant and vowel. Additionally, the class focuses on real-life conversations that can be useful when traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, and conversation in the work environment. Apps will also be used to teach and reinforce the language in a fun and creative method. 


Acting and Character Creation   

Instructor: Steven Fischer  

This course is an introduction to acting to experience how performance, movement, body, voice, etc. can be used to generate character performance ideas. The course will be used to help students create and build well-rounded characters for original stories they will produce in class. Characterization, delivery, timing, expression, motivation, body language, and posture will be studied through improvisation exercises, storytelling activities, observation studies, and by examining the work of master actors.


Introduction to Cartoon Storytelling    

Instructor: Steven Fischer  

This course is for anyone who has an interest in expressing themselves through cartoons and those interested in cartoons as an art form. This class is about realizing the potential of becoming a cartoonist no matter your skill level. This course is intended to introduce students to the possibilities cartooning offers as a vehicle to express and communicate effectively. Students should realize that while commercial cartooning may require certain skills and abilities, the only limitation in the art of cartoon storytelling is those self-imposed. Anyone willing to express him or herself honestly can create a legitimate comic. The objective is to create and complete an original story with original characters. All supplies are included.