Suggested Wedding Music Selections

musician playing a violin

The selections found below are a small representation of the musical possibilities for your ceremony and our musicians will honor special requests as they are able. Most of these selections may also be realized on the piano. If you have a favorite secular song, please consider using it at your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.

Explanation of Instrumental Key for Wedding Music

  • O = organ
  • T = trumpet (with organ)
  • Str. = String Quartet

Example: Jesu, Joy of Our Desiring (O, T, Str., arr. for others) - J. S. Bach
(This selection can be played by organ alone, organ and trumpet, strings, or with a number of other instruments)

Example: Air de Trompette (T) - G. P. Telemann
(This selection can be played when a trumpet is used, but not by organ alone)

Example: Sonata in E-flat Major (O) - W. A. Mozart


(Generally, four or five selections; approx. 15-20 minutes of music. You may opt to leave this to the discretion of the organist.)

Music Composer
Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme ("Sleepers Wake") (O, T) J. S. Bach
Air de Trompette (T) G. P. Telemann
In dir ist Freude ("In Thee is Gladness") (O)
(Zimbelstern, or bell cluster in Millar only)
J. S. Bach
Jesu, Joy of Our Desiring (O, T, Str., arr. for others) J. S. Bach
Toccata G. B. Martini
Sonata in E-flat Major (O) W. A. Mozart
Arioso (O, Str.) J. S. Bach
Trumpet Tunes and Airs (T) - La Majestie G. P. Telemann
Trumpet Tunes and Airs (T) - La Grace G. P. Telemann
Trumpet Tunes and Airs (T) - Con bravura G. P. Telemann
Sonata 1, Trumpet solo, 1st movement (T) G. Viviani
Sonata 1, Trumpet solo, Presto (T) G. Viviani
Sonatina in C Major (for Two Trumpets) (2 T) Johann Pezel
Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major (Str., O) J.S. Bach


(One or two pieces are played according to the size of the wedding party)

Music Composer
The Prince of Denmark's March (O, T, arr. for others) Jeremiah Clarke
Trumpet Tune (T) Philip B. Catelinet
Trumpet Tune in D Major David N. Johnson
Processional in E-flat Major (O, T) David N. Johnson
Prelude to Te Deum (T) Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Voluntary in C Major for Two Trumpets and Organ (O, 2 T) Henry Purcell
March from Parthenope (O, T) G. F. Handel


(Generally, one is selected, sometimes two)

Music Composer
Rondeau (O, T, arr. for others) Jean Joseph Mouret
Hornpipe from Water Music (O, T, arr. for others) G. F. Handel
Concerto for Two Trumpets (2 T) Antonio Vivaldi
The Rejoicing from the Royal Fireworks Music (Str., O, T) G. F. Handel
Trumpet Tune (O, T, arr. for others) Jeremiah Clarke
Finale from Organ Concerto No. 5 (O, Str.) G. F. Handel
"Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee" (O, T, others) Hymn, arr. from Beethoven

Vocal Solos

(Generally, one to three are selected)

Music Composer
Ave Maria Franz Schubert
Bist du bei mir (usually soprano or tenor) J. S. Bach
Wedding Song Heinrich Schuetz
The Lord's Prayer Flor Peeters
The Call Ralph Vaughan Williams

Suggestions not heard on the website

Music Composer
O Lord Most Holy César Franck
The Lord's Prayer Malotte
Simple Song (from Mass - usually soprano or tenor) Leonard Bernstein

Selections are emailed at least one month prior to your ceremony to Eric Budzynski, Music Associate & organist at