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Dominic Missimi's Favorite Musicals

1. West Side Story: "I think it all goes back to high school, when I was in love with a girl named Maria from Nicaragua," he says with a laugh.

2. A Chorus Line: "It's the ultimate showbiz musical. Everyone in the theater identifies with those dancers ‘on the line,' begging for a job, but also begging for affirmation and approval. We've all been there." 

3. Sweeney Todd: "I love the operatic proportions, the absolute brilliance of Steven Sondheim and its left-of-center subject matter."

4. Fiddler on the Roof: "It's an example of magnificent music and book writing."

5. Gypsy: "I think it is one of the greatest musicals of our time, not just for the brilliant creation of Mama Rose, but for the musicalization of history, as we watch the transition from vaudeville to burlesque." — ECB

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