Fall 2010

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On the Menu

Café Bateel, a quick-and-easy spot to grab a bite on the go, is on the ground level of the Carnegie Mellon Building, Northwestern’s temporary home in Education City. Here are a few of the café’s most popular menu items:


Cheese bread

Cheese bread with mint

Labneh — a cheese-like strained yogurt

Fatayer za’atar — an herb-covered pastry

Muffins — plain, blueberry, banana — and croissants

Sausage rolls  — made with chicken sausage

Lunch — the main meal of the day:

Samoosa — a stuffed pastry with potatoes, green peas, cashews

Shawarma — a gyro or sandwich-like wrap made with shaved chicken, lamb or beef, lettuce and tahini. You can also get your French fries served on the sandwich.

Machboos — a spicy rice and meat dish — lamb, chicken or fish — that’s very popular in Qatar


Chicken and vegetarian puffs

Baguette sandwiches


Nescafe with milk

Karak — a strong tea — with milk

Orange juice