Quick Step Guide to Enter Maintenance Requests

1. In your preferred browser, login to SchoolDude.

2. Enter your email address and click Submit.

3. If a RED message pops up noting that it can’t find the indicated email address, enter your last name and click Submit. Then enter your first name, on the next page, and click Submit.

Filling out the Request Form:

Step 1: This will be filled in with your information from the email address you entered at the sign in screen.

Step 2: Click on the drop down arrow and highlight a Location that you want the work to be done and click the mouse. The Location is typically the building that you live in.

  • Follow the same steps for Area. Usually you will select “Student room” for area. You can select a different location if you are submitting a request for a place other than your room.
  • Also be sure to type in your Area description or Room #. This is where you would typically write your room number. If you are entering a request for a different location, please be specific (such as “2nd floor men’s restroom to the left of the stairwell”) so that the staff can find the problem quickly.

Step 3: Select the icon that best describes your problem and click on it.

Step 4: Type in your description of the problem. Be sure to give as specific information as possible, including location in the room of the problem. An example would be “The carpet tile in the left corner of the room under the window is peeling up from the floor.”

Although not required, you may add an attachment to your request. To do so, click the Attach New File link to attach a photo or document detailing the issue.

Step 5: Type in the submittal password of: wildcat

Step 6: Click submit

My Request Tab

After you click submit on the request form, the screen will refresh to the My Request Tab.

On this screen you will see up-to-date information on your request including:

  • Status
  • Work order number for referencing
  • The date you requested the work
  • A Completion Date once the work has been completed


A. In the Request Totals section (on the right hand side of the above screen), you can click on the number next to the status description to see all request marked with that status.

B. You can search for any work order request by typing in a key word in the Search box and clicking on GO. This will pull up any of your requests with that word in it. (Ex: keys would pull up any request dealing with keys).

C. Click on the Work Request Tab to input a new request.

Need additional help?

If you need any assistance, please contact your Resident Assistant or Resident Director. If the request is an emergency (fire, flood, electrical, extreme temperature, etc.), contact a staff member or NUPD immediately.

Please note: In order for requests to be handled in a timely manner, Facilities Management or Housekeeping personnel may be required to access rooms or apartments when residents are not home. Facilities Management or Housekeeping personnel will always knock and announce their presence before entering any resident room or apartment.