Access & Keys

Willie walking in door with key


Perimeter, Hallway, Stairwell, and Elevator Doors

  • In all Residential Services buildings, students can access perimeter, hallway, stairwell, and elevator access points using their Wildcard.
  • If students do not yet have a University-issued Wildcard, they can receive a temporary access card from their area or front Desk. Please click this link to go to the Area and Front Desk page.

Garrett Place apartments will be upgraded to Wildcard readers for perimeter and stairwell access in Fall 2020. Students living in these buildings will still use the key fob attached to their apartment key. Notice will be sent when the transition is scheduled.

Sleeping Room & Suite Doors

  • Students living in undergraduate buildings with electronic locks will also use their Wildcard to access their suite and/or sleeping room doors.
  • Access is activated on individual Wildcards once the student completes their check-in online or at an area desk. If you are having issues, please visit your area desk to receive assistance or a temporary access card.

Access Issues

  • If you are having access issues with any of the areas listed above, please report it to your area or front desk, and receive a temporary access card while the issue is addressed by staff. For sleeping room or suite locks, please note the color of the lock once your present your card.
  • Don't assume that your Wildcard is broken and that you need another. Desk staff can test cards and determine if you will need a new Wildcard, and they will instruct you to go to the Wildcard Office if necessary.

Electronic Lock Guide

Lost Wildcard

If you lose your Wildcard:

  1. Visit your area or front desk to receive a temp card.
  2. Then go to the Wildcard Office in Norris to obtain a new card. Your access and meal plan will load automatically within 15-30 minutes once your new card is printed.
  3. Be sure to return the temp card to your area desk within 24 hours to avoid a fee.



  • Students living in 2349 Sheridan, Engelhart, Garrett Place, and McManus receive keys to access their sleeping room or apartment.
  • Keys are issued for the length of their stay in housing and should be returned upon checkout.
  • Failure to return keys upon check out will result in a $106 charge to a student’s account.
  • Contract holders in graduate housing buildings can request additional keys for eligible other occupants.
  • Please complete Graduate Housing Change of Life Form to add other occupants to your contract. Desk staff will follow up with the contract holder once the change is approved by the Assignments and Occupancy Management team.

Lost Keys

  • If a student loses their key, we must change the lock, and the student will be charged $106 to their student account.
  • Report lost keys to your area or front desk immediately.
  • Once a lock change has been initiated by Facilities, we cannot stop it.
  • The lock change will be completed, and the charge will be placed on the student account.

Broken or Bent Keys

  • If a key breaks bring all of the pieces to the area or front desk. If students return all the pieces, there will be no charge.
  • If a key is bent, students will leave their key at the front desk and check out a temporary key. There is no charge for key repair as long as all of the parts are returned to the desk.

Lockout Policy

  • If you are locked out of your room or apartment, visit the area or front desk assigned to your residential building to receive a temporary access card and/or a lockout key which may be checked out for 24 hours.  
  • If the temporary access card is not returned within 24 hours, you will be charged $25.00. If the lockout key is not returned within 24 hours, you will be charged $106. Students living in buildings with access cards and keys may be subject to both charges if the items are not returned within 24 hours.
  • Each student receives one (1) free lock-out per quarter, after which you will be assessed a $10.00 charge for each subsequent lock-out. If you are not able to go to your area or front desk, please call staff for assistance. Lockout counts for fall quarter start the last week of September and on the first day of classes in winter and spring quarters.
  • Students eligible for services through Student Enrichment Services can visit the SES One Form website to learn more about the process of completing the One Form and applying for the Residential Services Lockout, Lock Change, and Temp Card waiver. Approved students will receive an additional three (3) free lockouts for a total of four (4) per quarter.