Students at the kemper neighborhood desk

Kemper Neighborhood Desk


If you are locked out of your room, you should first try to contact your roommate. If your roommate is not available, go to the neighborhood desk assigned to your residential building (see Desks) to receive a temporary key, which may be checked out for 24 hours. If the key is not returned within 24 hours, a lock change will be requested and you will be charged.

Allison Neighborhood Desk

Foster-Walker Neighborhood Desk

560 Lincoln Neighborhood Desk

Lost Keys

If you lose your room key, we must change the lock, for which you will be charged $196 to your student account. Report lost keys to your neighborhood desk (see Desks).

Broken Keys

If your key breaks, bring all of the pieces to your neighborhood desk (see Desks). If you can return all pieces, there will be no charge.

FOB Access

  • If the access box has no response (no flashing light, no beep) when you wave your FOB, your FOB is dead and needs to be replaced. You will need to leave your key at your neighborhood desk and get a temporary key until a new FOB is assigned.
  • If the access box flashes red and beeps, your FOB needs to be reactivated for your building. You will keep your key and take out the temporary key to use the FOB.

Cracked or Missing FOB Cover

  • You can get your black FOB cover replaced and secured at your neighborhood desk
  • If the blue FOB case is cracked or broken, you will need to leave your key at your neighborhood desk and get a temporary key.

Bent or Snapped Key

  • You will leave your key at the neighborhood desk and check out a temporary key. There is no charge for key repair as long as all of the parts are returned to the desk.