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University Initiatives and Responses

Welcome to the Inclusive Northwestern website.

Northwestern is committed to and has worked consistently toward diversity and inclusion on our campuses. Ongoing efforts to address these important values have been a priority for the University. We realize it takes each and every one of us to contribute toward a more inclusive environment. The administration welcomes constructive dialogue with students, staff and faculty that advances us in this important area.

We pride ourselves in having a student body that cares enough about their institution to raise their voices with suggestions, requests and sometimes demands in an effort to continue making us better. As in previous times, this academic year 2015-2016, our students have raised a wide variety of issues, ranging from diversity efforts to endowment divestment to academic curricula. As detailed below, and consistent with our goal of continuously improving the University each year, Northwestern has undertaken significant initiatives on many of these issues that have been raised by our students. For more information, please see the Diversity & Inclusion website.

The University recognizes that additional issues raised remain to be examined. Even those that have been substantially addressed and are detailed below, will undoubtedly require further discussion and refinement. The University looks forward to continuing to engage all of the members of the Northwestern community in these important discussions. Updates to our progress will be provided on this website.

In the coming months, there will be several meetings scheduled to review our progress and engage in constructive dialogues with any member of our community who is interested in working together with us. The schedule of those meetings will be announced on this Inclusive Northwestern website.

Northwestern will continue to demonstrate what our students have shown: an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion on our campuses.

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