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Tuition/Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of expenses for the academic year while you are enrolled at Northwestern. These direct (fixed) and indirect (variable) costs determine the total amount of financial aid (including student loans) you may receive.

Direct (Fixed) Costs

Direct costs include tuition and the Northwestern University Student Health Insurance Plan* (NU-SHIP). These expenses will be billed on your Northwestern University Customer Account

Indirect (Variable) Costs

Indirect costs include charges for housing, meals, books, transportation, personal expenses and loan fees (for students borrowing federal student loans). These estimated costs are based on averages for each category as determined by surveys completed by graduate students in your school. Indirect costs are not billed on your Northwestern University Customer Account. (An exception would be charges for students living on campus in graduate housing and for students enrolled in a campus meal plan.)

Find the Cost of Attendance for your graduate program.

*Student Health Insurance

All students must maintain health insurance that meets the University’s standards. You will have the opportunity to waive the Northwestern University Student Health Insurance Plan (NU-SHIP) if you have other comparable coverage. Students who do not waive the coverage by the deadline will be automatically enrolled.

Students enrolled in the Fall quarter will be billed for the annual premium amount in the Fall term (for coverage from Sept 1 through Aug 31). Students admitted in subsequent terms will be charged a pro-rated premium amount based on the number of quarters of coverage remaining. If you wish to borrow a student loan to cover all or a portion of this cost, please contact our office

Special Circumstances

Students may request an increase in their Cost of Attendance (COA) under special circumstances. If, while enrolled at Northwestern, you require funds for (1) the purchase of a new computer, (2) medical/dental bills not covered by insurance, (3) childcare costs, or some other unexpected expense; you may submit a Request for Financial Aid Review form with supporting documentation to our office. Appeals are reviewed by our Financial Aid Committee. If an increase in your COA is approved, you will be offered additional student loan funds.