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Loan Repayment

When a student graduates, withdraws or drops below half-time enrollment (as defined by their program):

  • their in-school status ends,
  • student loan grace periods (if any) begin and
  • loan repayment may start or resume.

Borrowers of federal student loans will be contacted regarding completing the required online exit counseling within 30 days after in-school status ends. Online exit counseling:

  • reviews the terms and conditions of your loan(s),
  • covers your rights and responsibilities as a borrower,
  • identifies your federal loan servicer, 
  • provides your federal loan total and estimates your monthly payment amounts under the various repayment plans.

See your loan promissory notes for additional details. Visit the Federal Student Aid website for comprehensive information.

For private student loans, contact your lender/servicer to find out when loan repayment begins.