Resources for Books & Required Technology


Sometimes students don’t realize they have a refund available in their Caesar account. Refunds can help with buying books and required materials. Be sure to check Caesar today to see if you have a refund. Visit this link for full details on how to access your refund. Please note, in order to access your refund, you must do two things: 1) set up direct deposit; and 2) request your refund. Both of these actions can be found in the “Student Financial Services” section of Caesar, under the “More Student Financials” link.

Look for Discount/Rental/Free Options

Check out this link from Northwestern’s new Financial Wellness site that offers strategies for purchasing low cost books. I also encourage you to check out the Northwestern Facebook Group, “Free or For Sale” at this link. Finally, Barnes and Noble is the official Norris Bookstore and they have a new “Price Match” policy. This means that if you find a book cheaper than listed at Barnes and Noble, they’ll refund the difference.

Financial Aid

Contact Brian Drabik, Senior Associate Director in Financial Aid, at to explore loan options for purchasing books and required materials. You can request up to $500 for a short-term emergency loan but the loan must be repaid by the end of the quarter, otherwise, the loan will begin incurring interest. Full details can be found at the bottom of this link on the Financial Aid website. Also, financial aid expects students to budget $540 per quarter for textbooks/supplies/required materials. So, if you receive a refund, you can use those funds toward this cost. Or, if you exceed that $540 budget, you can reach out to financial aid for additional aid assistance, so keep your receipts for everything!

Books for Cats

For information regrading Books for Cats, please visit this website on the Financial Wellness site. Be sure to scroll to the very bottom.