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Framework and Policies

Emergency Management:

  • Prepares and maintains the University's Emergency Response Framework in accordance with Northwestern policy and procedures
  • Ensures compliance with federal, state and local directives

The Director of Emergency Management serves as a technical advisor to the Crisis Management Teams and manages the Emergency Operations Centers when activated during emergency situations, in addition to training staff in emergency policy and procedures.

Other duties include:

  • Assisting campus departments with development of emergency plans
  • Developing emergency campus response and recovery support annexes
  • Managing campus warning and notification systems
  • Participating in mitigation and preparedness programs, plans and projects

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Business continuity planning

Northwestern University's business continuity planning efforts are coordinated, facilitated, and overseen by the Risk Management Office. At Northwestern, we recognized Business Continuity is a shared responsibility across the institution and community. All Northwestern administrative, academic, and research areas are responsible for developing a business continuity plan in an effort to minimize the impact caused by an interruption of operations.

All hazards emergency procedures

For information on immediate emergency procedures for different types of events, see the All Hazards Emergency Procedures flyer.