The Career Ambassador Program

The Career Ambassador program serves as a bridge between Northwestern Career Advancement and the Northwestern University student population.  Career Ambassadors are trained to advise fellow students on quick career related concerns during NCA walk-in hours.  In addition, Career Ambassadors conduct outreach presentations across campus and assist with marketing NCA programs and events.  Career Ambassadors serve an integral role at NCA and wear many hats; that of educator, advisor, consultant, presenter, and campus liaison.

Program Description and Responsibilities

What Do Career Ambassadors Do?

  • Advise students during walk-in hours on NCA services and resources, resume construction and editing, and other career-related inquiries.
  • Give feedback on new and current NCA programs and initiatives.
  • Conduct outreach presentations on topics like resume writing, interviewing skills, internship searching, and social networking.
  • Staff NCA major events and actively market NCA workshops.
  • Contribute to social media and marketing activities, such as blogging, Tweeting, helping to maintain NCA; LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts, and creating YouTube videos.
  • Obtain and demonstrate extensive understanding of career development issues.
  • Complete a final project on a career or student development related topic.

Career Ambassador Express Advising

Career Ambassadors provide quick resume and cover letter feedback in locations across campus. These Career Ambassador Express Advising hours and locations can be found in the NCA weekly emails.

If you would like a CA to come speak with your group, please complete the outreach request form. Content is personalized to each group request.

Join Career Ambassador Program

Hiring typically takes place once per academic year for the CA program. If you are interested in learning more about the program and how to apply, please contact Taylor Kinn.

Those who participate in the CA program not only learn to support their peers’ career development and development as CAs, but are also provided the opportunity to develop in relation to their own personal career goals. CAs build transferable skills that will help them in future experiences and set regular goals.  While learning the ins and outs of NCA, CAs build relationships with our staff who are invested in their personal success. Some transferable skills CAs have utilized or gained include:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Initiative and creativity
  • Organization and project management
  • Flexibility and adaptability