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Do your research

  • Hundreds of new businesses come into being daily in the startup industry, so it’s important to sift through your options and identify where you might want to work. Following your target organizations on Twitter or LinkedIn can allow you to monitor their current projects, new funding sources, as well as any new jobs available. If you don’t see positions posted, be proactive and reach out directly to inquire.    

Nurture your network

  • Networking is key in any good job and internship search, but especially important when looking for a position in a startup. Talk to friends, family members, or peers that have connections to the startup industry. Connecting with NU alumni is another great way to build contacts. Identify alumni working in your target startups via Our Northwestern or LinkedIn and reach out to them to request an informational interview.

Develop your LinkedIn profile

  • A high quality profile on LinkedIn is essential when looking at the startup industry. Ensure you have listed all your relevant experiences and proficiencies. Companies will look for prospective employees by keyword, so don’t forget to list all technical skills that may be relevant. 

Subscribe to email lists that provide startup news

  • To keep current in an ever-changing industry, opt into email lists. In addition to relevant trends and company news, these emails will often inform their subscribers of angel funding, which typically signals an increase in hiring activity.  A few to consider include BusinessInsider and TechCrunch.

Search on specialized job boards and databases

  • In addition to staying active in CareerCat, it’s important to channel your efforts toward job boards, databases, and incubators that specialize in startup listings such as: