Report to Police

People who have experienced sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking can talk to a CARE advocate for more information on what may happen if they file a police report. CARE advocates can also file a report on their behalf.

Officers at both the Northwestern University Police Department (847-491-3456) and the Evanston Police Department (847-866-5000) receive special training in responding to sexual assault reports. Both departments can guide survivors through the process.

When speaking with the police, there will typically be two interviews. 

  • The preliminary interview is brief and includes information about when and where the incident occurred. It is conducted so investigators have enough information to complete a preliminary investigation. It usually takes place at the hospital or police station.
  • The second interview occurs later and is more in-depth. The survivor may be asked to give a detailed account of the incident.

There are up to five years after a sexual assault to make a report to the police and up to three years after an incident of domestic violence or stalking. The survivor can request that police keep them updated about the status of the investigation. If a police report is filed, the incident will be a matter of public record, but the survivor's name will not be used in connection with this record.