Make an Appointment

student speaking with an advocate

Appointments can be scheduled online for confidential advocacy and response services Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm. Please access our 24 hour services information for additional resources available outside of these times. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 847-491-2054 or by email at

Spring Quarter CARE will also hold Drop In Hours from 2-4pm Fridays in their space on the 3rd floor of 633 Emerson. Please feel free to stop by if you would like to ask a question, meet CARE staff, or set up an appointment. 

CARE services are open to students impacted by sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking, including friends or partners of survivors. 

What are CARE services like? 

CARE can be an informal space to process, connect with resources, or figure out next steps. We see some students for a single appointment, and work with others more regularly, particularly as an adviser through the Title IX process. Students are welcome to bring a friend along to their first appointment if they wish to. 

How do I know CARE is right for me? 

We are here to talk about anything related to sexuality, hooking up, or relationships. CARE is an affirming space and welcomes students of all identities and experiences. Services are available regardless of whether the experience occurred before attending Northwestern. 

What services does CARE provide? 

Confidential Support Services: CARE can provide a space to process, ask questions, safety plan, and learn more about the impact of trauma. We can be a space to ask about definitions and policy or building coping skills and a support network. 

Confidential Advocacy Services: CARE can be an adviser through the Title IX process and can assist with academic or housing accommodations or other support. Speaking with us does is not reporting to the University; rather, CARE advocates can talk to you confidentially about what reporting could look like and the options available to you. 

Referrals: CARE can connect with legal and medical advocacy, free counseling and support groups on and off campus. We have strong connections with on campus and community partners who are experts in sexual violence, supporting survivors, and trauma and provide excellent low cost or free counseling.