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Northwestern University


Protecting our identity.

We’ve created a few simple rules to help maintain the integrity of the identity system. 


Our wordmarks can appear in three colors: Northwestern Purple, white and black.

Information on the Northwestern Purple can be found in our Visual Identity section.
Black is reserved for when color is not an option (newspaper ads, for example).
The formal lockup can appear in Northwestern Purple, white and black.
Use white when the lockup appears on a dark background.
Special care should be taken to ensure that the University seal reproduces accurately and legibly.
Do not place wordmarks or lockups directly over distracting images. If you need to use a photographic background, position the element in a calm or neutral area.

In most cases, use Northwestern Purple or white; black should be reserved for when color is not an option. 

In some cases, our wordmark can be reproduced using special printing techniques. Be sure to have any alternative print techniques approved by Global Marketing.

Size and Space

Find rules that ensure legibility and accurate reproduction in all sizes and applications.

Trademark Licensing

Northwestern has exclusive rights to its name, logos, trademarks, songs, mottos, and mascots and prohibits their unauthorized use.

  • The Trademark Licensing Office must approve all products and designs
  • Vendors must be licensed by the University
  • Merchandise using the wordmark or academic N must include the registered trademark symbol ®
  • Merchandise using a lockup must include the trademark symbol ™

    trademark licensing
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