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Northwestern University's BPN Steering Committee is here to facilitate and support the goals and pursuits of the Black Professionals Network.


Have questions about the Black Professionals Network? Send an email to the following email address:

Frequently Asked Questions

How did BPN begin?

BPN began as a community focused on the enrichment and support of Northwestern University's Black Staff. Our founding members found a need for a healthy, supportive, and safe-space and set into motion the creation of BPN.

How is the programming decided?

The Steering Committee meets monthly to decide on programming and events. We utilize the feedback received by our members via our bi-annual member survey, and communications received via our contact us email.

How can I assist?

BPN hosts multiple events throughout the year, as well as produces a quarterly newsletter.  We can always use the support of our members.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like to help.

Is there a mentoring program?

Although we do not have an official mentorship program established, BPN's membership along with its current programming is a great resource for engaging with possible connections that can lead to mentorship and support.  Please return here for any future news regarding mentorship as this is a topic under consideration.