Students Considering Registering with AccessibleNU

Importance of Registering with AccessibleNU

Postsecondary education differs from earlier levels of education with regard to its support of students with disabilities and other conditions requiring accommodation. This is partly because different laws govern reasonable accommodation at the postsecondary and K-12 levels. At Northwestern and all other colleges and universities, it is the responsibility of you, the student, to inform the appropriate department (which is AccessibleNU at Northwestern University), that you have a disability or other condition requiring accommodation, to provide any necessary documentation, and to request accommodations and services if needed. A student who has a disability or other condition but has not registered with AccessibleNU is not entitled to services or accommodations.

Some students who received disability-related services or support in high school may decide to attempt their postsecondary courses without any accommodations or services, which is understandable and their right. If this sounds like you, AccessibleNU recommends that you nevertheless provide documentation of your disability to our center. In this way, we can efficiently  serve you in case you later find that accommodations are needed in one or more classes. AccessibleNU maintains confidentiality of information, meaning that records contained in AccessibleNU's files are housed only in our center or on AccessibleNU's internal databse and are not part of your academic file. Moreover, our students must always be the one to initiate the request for accommodations or services; AccessibleNU will not do it on your behalf or without your permission. Even if you don't request accommodations, we can provide relevant guidance and support as articulated in our learning outcomes.