Sherman Dental Associates of Evanston, LTD

Wildcard Advantage Partner

We are a friendly, general dental practice with a progressive, whole health service mission. We strive to provide dental services which support ideal dental health as well as good general health. We have the expertise, experience, technology, and facility to deliver quality dental care which positively impacts our patients' general health. Children and adults are always welcome. We are conveniently located between the METRA and CTA train stations.

909 Davis St. Suite 120
Evanston, IL 60201

Phone: 847-475-6300

Web Site:


In House, Budget Student Dental Plan if Uninsured, Faculty and Staff PPO Honored

Students/Residents: Yes
Student Spouse/Partners: Yes
Faculty/Staff (includes Spouse/Partners): Yes
Contractors & Part-Time/Temp Employees: Yes