Chargeback Procedures

Effective October 11, 2010

Mail Services requires that chargeback information be included with all United States Postal Service mail that is sent to Mail Services for processing. Outgoing mail will not be picked up by Mail Services if it does not have either a Request for Mail Services form attached (either with a bar code or with the chart string manually written in) or a bar code label affixed to the back of the envelope.

Why are we doing this?

  • Departments receive the best opportunity to reconcile their postage expenses.
  • Mail Services receives accurate chargeback information.  
  • Departments can track mail charges with a numbered receipt that appears on budget statements.
  • Questions about your mail can be easily resolved when we have a contact name and phone number.

How do I include chargeback information?

Preferred Method: Request for Mail Services form with bar code label attached

Alternate Method #1: Bar code label affixed to back of mail
            Disadvantage: No numbered receipt for account tracking

Alternate Method #2: Request for Mail Services form
            Disadvantage: More opportunity for error with inaccurate chart strings

View diagrams about including chargeback information pdf icon (pdf).

Where do I get free bar code labels and Request for Mail Services forms?

  • Complete and submit the Request Form pdf icon (pdf).
  • Or, send an email with your Name, School/Department, Room/Building, Campus Mail Code and Chart String to James Harrell, Supervisor of Mail Services at
  • Or, call Mail Services at 1-7227.

Who do I contact with questions?