Medical Leave of Absence

Here is some important information necessary to know before applying for a Medical Leave of Absence or Reinstatement.


The purpose of a medical leave of absence (MLOA) is to provide students time away from campus for treatment of a physical or mental health condition that impairs a student’s ability to function safely and successfully as a member of our community.

Determination & Deadlines for MLOA

Students can apply for an MLOA at any time; however, in order for an MLOA to take effect during an ongoing quarter deadlines must be followed.

Process For Requesting MLOA

Follow the steps to request a medical leave of absence

Class Registration During MLOA

While on medical leave of absence a student may not register for classes at Northwestern until the student has been reinstated by the Dean of Students Office and the Student Affairs hold has been removed.

Departure From University Housing During MLOA

A student will be required to vacate university housing within 48 hours of the approval of the leave, which includes removal of all belongings.

Process For Reinstatement From MLOA

Procedure to be reinstated to the Northwestern University after a MLOA