Need to Talk?


Visit our office at Parkes Hall room 139 between 8:30am and 5:00pm.
After hours speak to Chaplain Stevens via phone 847-864-7865.
We are here to listen, support and help!

The Chaplain and Associate Chaplains are available to talk confidentially with anyone who would benefit from a listening ear. You do not need to belong to a religious tradition to talk with a chaplain.


To make an appointment to speak with Chaplain Stevens, or Chaplain Ahmed:

Call: 847-491-7256


If there is a crisis, an appointment is not necessary. You may stop by the Chapel Office (Parkes Hall 139) or call Chaplain Stevens at 847-864-7865.


People consult with chaplains about a wide range of topics, including vocational decisions, family difficulties, interpersonal problems, spiritual or ethical questions, sexuality, illness, grief, premarital guidance, or a general sense of unhappiness or meaninglessness.

The chaplains are equipped by training and experience in counseling. They are also able to refer to appropriate psychological or psychiatric resources if necessary.

Other religious counselors are available on campus, from many religious traditions, such as Catholic, Jewish, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Southern Baptist. They may be contacted directly or through the Chaplain's Office.