Transfer Students

Take a look at our Google Hangout featuring Transfer Peer Advisers from August 11, 2013 as they tackled questions submitted by incoming transfer students.

Northwestern loves transfer students, meaning we could not be more thrilled to have you begin your journey with us. There could be a number of reasons you chose to move from your previous institution, but the Office of New Student and Family Programs is here to ensure you find all of the terrific resources the Wildcat community has to offer to all students. In order to prepare for your arrival to Northwestern, please read below.

What you need to know as a transfer student:

Purple Prep: Transfer student edition

Purple Prep: Transfer student edition is your go-to-guide for anything you need to know during the summer leading to the start of your Northwestern career. It includes a checklist of items to complete before your arrival. Have questions but don't know where to look? Start with Purple Prep, it is your best bet.

Wildcat Welcome

We recognize that you have been through a freshman year and orientation program before, but rest assured Wildcat Welcome has so much more in store for transfer students. You will receive a Transfer Peer Adviser at the beginning of August; this student leader is a transfer student so they have been through this process before. You will be with your Transfer Peer Adviser throughout Wildcat Welcome and your first year at Northwestern. There are a number of transfer-specific programs and events during Wildcat Welcome to ensure you not only get a good feel of campus but also of the new transfer cohort.

You will arrive for new student move-in day on Monday, September 16, 2013. Mandatory events for Wildcat Welcome run from Monday, September 16 through Monday, September 23 with classes then starting on Tuesday, September 24. The transfer-specific schedule will be released at a later date.

Even your parents are welcome (we welcome them even if you don't)! Parent and Family Orientation is hosted the first two days of Wildcat Welcome.