For the Record: Summer Online ENU

Open: August 18-September 5
Required for all freshmen and transfer students

For the Record is an online ENU component that introduces you to Northwestern’s community principles and values. It features short videos about student resources, ways to get involved, and University policies.  See instructions below to complete For the Record.  These instructions will work begining August 18th and will end by September 5th.

To access For the Record:

1)      Go to Northwestern’s Blackboard site:

2)      Log in using your Northwestern NetID and password

3)      From “My Courses,” select “2014 Essential NU: For the Record”

4)      You will then be guided through the sections

To complete For the Record, view each section. Each part has a short video (approximately 2-5 minutes each), as well as links to many of the resources and offices discussed in the videos. Pay particular attention to the “Required Resources” listed under each video.

At the end, there is a 20-question assessment. Please be sure to press the “save and submit” button at the end of the test and click the “ok” button on the next page. This will display your score and inform you of the questions you answered correctly. You must correctly answer 80% of the questions (i.e., 16 of 20) to complete For the Record. If you don’t pass the quiz, just review the material and take the quiz again. Scores are tracked and reported electronically, so there is no need to send in your score. But if you want to be safe, take a screen shot or make a .pdf of your results for your own records.  There will be no confirmation email.