Understanding AP/IB Credit

Did you take one or more AP or IB exams?  If so, you may receive Northwestern credit for your scores and/or be able to skip introductory courses in some sequences.  To ensure that that happens smoothly, please do the following:

  1. Have your scores sent directly to Northwestern by your testing service.  If you listed Northwestern as a recipient school when you took your AP or IB exams, that should happen automatically.
  2. If you did not initially ask your testing service to send your exam scores to Northwestern, please contact them immediately and ask them to do so now. 
  3. Bring a hard copy of your scores with you in September to have as a backup.
  4. Credit for AP/IB scores will be posted on your transcript as quickly as the University can process it.  In most cases, that will happen before the beginning of the fall term. If you did not originally request that your scores be sent to NU, though, it may take longer for any credit you receive to post.  As long as you know your scores, however, you should plan your schedule based on your school's AP/IB policies.
  5. Each school counts AP/IB credits differently toward requirements within that school.  Click the links below to find out what to expect from your school: