ENU: Mosaic Part 1

The NU Mosaic exercise is a part of the Essential NU for Community/Inclusion.  The first part of NU Mosaic will occur this summer while the second part will occur during Wildcat Welcome.  The final product that each first-year student will complete during Wildcat Welcome will be displayed in the Dittmar Gallery on the first floor of the Norris University Center.  The composite of all submitted pictures will create the NU Mosaic.

Part I: Submit a picture of yourself

To be completed by August 19, 2012

  • Email picture to your Peer Adviser prior by August 19
  • The image must be of high enough resolution that it can be printed at 3.5" wide X 4.5" high (around 5-6MB in size)
  • The picture should be one you feel represents you well.  Please note, this image will be posted on a sheet of paper with your first and last name and hung in a gallery with the rest of the class of 2016

Part II: Community & Inclusion Project

To be completed on campus during Wildcat Welcome

  1. Attend seminar on community and inclusion at Northwestern
  2. Split into small breakout groups
    • Get picture back
      • During the Essential NU breakout discussion, you will receive your picture back printed on a half-sheet of paper
      • The half-sheet will have space to do Part 2 of the exercise (the writing portion)
    • Writing portion
      • During the breakout, you will be instructed to write down 3 words or phrases that answers the general question: “Who am I?”
      • You are invited to be as creative as they want to be, including doodles or drawings that are expressive of who you are, especially if you are more expressive through drawings rather than words.

Detailed instructions on this portion of the activity will be provided during your breakout group.

Questions about this project? Email your Peer Adviser or orientation@northwestern.edu.

Note: The NU Mosaic exercise is inspired by “The Hapa Project” by Kip Fulbeck.  For more information about this project, go to: http://www.seaweedproductions.com/hapa.