Family Publications

students and parent reading parent guide

Our office is passionate about keeping our family members informed with what is happening on campus.  We have a variety of methods to ensure you receive useful information.  Below you will find publications for family members of the Northwestern community including The Parent Guide and the family newsletter. Publications, and other messages, are delivered over the Family Mailing List.

The Northwestern Parent and Family Guide: 2015-2016

Our Parent and Family Guide is our "one book" for our family members here at Northwestern.  Within, you will find different information regarding different resources and processes here on campus.

Wildcat Family Focus Quarterly Newsletter

Wildcat Family Focus has become a quarterly publication. Check back for the next Newsletter.

Family Webinar Information

New Student and Family Programs hosts several webinars during the spring and summer months for family members of incoming students; below you can find dates and available recordings of webinars.

March 6, 2016: View webinar recording (topic: information for families of students admitted early decision)