Student Leaders

The Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for New Student and Family Programs is a high-level leadership role integral to the planning, coordination, and execution of the programs and activities associated with major new student and family programs at Northwestern University. The Board is comprised of ten members who work closely with the New Student and Family Programs professional staff.  Duties and responsibilities of Board members will serve to create a welcoming community for new students, an ease of transition to the University, programs from family members, and an umatched leadership experience for 200 Peer Advisers. Board members have served at least one year as a Peer Adviser for Wildcat Welcome.

Meet the Board of Directors here.

Peer Advisers

Peer Advisers

The Peer Adviser team welcomes new students to their community.  Peer Advisers work as a team to serve the entire group of first-year students.  Additionally, Peer Advisers are given a PA group they mentor throughout Wildcat Welcome and the first year. Peer Advsiers assist their PA group in becoming comfortable and confident in their new home.  Peer Advisers assist in helping students navigate the physical campus as well as how the campus operates. Peer Advisers help recognize and understand resources available on campus to aid in their transition while sharing expectations we have of our community members. 

You can meet our Peer Advisers every Monday on our Tumblr as we introduce them to our community.

Family Ambassadors

Family Ambassadors

Family Ambassadors assist with the execution of Parent and Family Orientation during Wildcat Welcome and will interact with family members throughout the program to ensure all questions are answered and needs are met. 

This year we have the privilege of having a Family Liaison working with our office.  The Family Liaison is a new student leadership position in our office dedicated to selecting, training, and mentoring the Family Ambassadors.

Meet the 2014 Family Liaison and Family Ambassadors Here.