Prospective Peer Advisers

The Office of New Student and Family Programs relies heavily on student volunteers to plan and execute Wildcat Welcome and Family Weekend. Many students describe their leadership experience with Wildcat Welcome as one of their most meaningful experiences at Northwestern. Any current freshman, sophomore, or junior can apply to be a Peer Adviser at the beginning of the winter quarter. This year the Peer Adviser application will serve as the application to be a Family Ambassador, for those interested.

What is a Peer Adviser?

  • Peer Advisers advise and support incoming students throughout the summer and first year at NU. A select group of individuals will serve as Transfer Peer Advisers to assist with the successful transition of our transfer population. These applicants are usually transfer students.  
  • The Peer Adviser team welcomes new students to their community.  Peer Advisers work as a team to serve the entire group of first-year students.  Additionally, Peer Advisers are given a PA group they mentor throughout Wildcat Welcome and the first year. Peer Advsiers assist their PA group in becoming comfortable and confident in their new home.  Peer Advisers assist in helping students navigate the physical campus as well as how the campus operates. Peer Advisers help recognize and understand resources available on campus to aid in their transition while sharing expectations we have of our community members. 
  • Peer Advisers represent the diverse Northwestern community as we seek freshmen to juniors, those with varying levels of NU involvement, and a wide range of personalities and backgrounds.
    • Special note for McCormick students: McCormick Peer Advisers will have extended responsibilities for the 2014-2015 school year.  More details will be made available in the next few weeks.  As you fill out the application, please be aware if you are a McCormick PA your formal responsibilities will extend through the academic year. 

    Requirements & Characteristics of Staff Members

    • Devote the majority of your time to Wildcat Welcome activities during the week of Wildcat Welcome
    • Be motivating
    • Be spirited and enthusiastic
    • Have a positive attitude
    • Be organized
    • Demonstrate excellent communication skills
    • Demonstrate exceptional interpersonal relationship skills
    • Be flexible
    • Be mature
    • Be professional
    • Be passionate about Wildcat Welcome, Northwestern University, and new students’ needs
    • Serve as a role model and mentor
    • Be open-minded toward diverse cultures, ethnicities, lifestyles, and backgrounds

    Duties of Wildcat Welcome Peer Advisers

    • PAs at March Thru The ArchAttend all trainings and meetings during Spring Quarter (every other week)
    • Attend the New Student Experience Retreat during Spring Quarter (date TBA)
    • Maintain close communication with your Board member and new student group over the summer for Wildcat Welcome updates, answers to questions, and concerns
    • Attend PA Camp, a multi-day program prior to the start of Wildcat Welcome to prepare PAs for the week ahead
    • Assist with new student move-in at assigned residence hall area; this includes check-in, moving boxes, conversing with family members, and creating a welcoming environment
    • Attendance at required assigned Wildcat Welcome events and activities
    • Wildcat Welcome responsibilities associated with your particular school
    • Assist with implementing the Essential NUs
    • Attendance at all sessions, social activities, President’s Convocation, and various other Wildcat Welcome events
    • Lead thoughtful and effective discussions after Essential NU sessions. Topics may include diversity, safety, alcohol, etc.
    • Answer all new students’ questions with honest and appropriate answers
    • Coordinate solutions to problems, issues, or emergencies encountered during Wildcat Welcome
    • Be prepared to devote the majority, if not all of your time during Wildcat Welcome to Wildcat Welcome events
    • Assist with assigned Academic School’s Dean’s Convocation
    • Other duties as assigned
    • McCormick PA's will have additional requirements through the academic year.

    PA Position Restrictions

    • Those who serve as Pre-Wildcat Welcome counselors or as a Community Assistant (CA) are not able to serve as a Peer Adviser
    • If you plan to study abroad this spring or fall quarter, you are not able to fulfill the Peer Adviser role
    • Peer Advisers must have no other duties or activities during Wildcat Welcome other than those of the Peer Adviser nor should they be recruiting for other student organizations. This includes activities occurring during Wildcat Welcome such as the ASG Student Activities Fair, A Cappella Fest, Rythm Nation, etc
    • Wildcat Welcome staff must follow an alcohol policy to ensure focus is kept on the transition and well-being of the new students rather than other events
    • Please contact with any questions