Wildcat Welcome

What is Wildcat Welcome?

Wildcat Welcome is the name of Northwestern's new student orientation program for all incoming undergraduate first year and transfer students.


To learn more about this mandatory but fun program, visit the Wildcat Welcome website which will be updated continuously throughout the spring and summer.

Do I have to come to campus over the summer for orientation?

No, Northwestern does not offer any summer orientation programs. All orientation activities, including academic advising and course registration, will take place during Wildcat Welcome. All new first year and transfer students are required to attend the events and activities associated with Wildcat Welcome.

When will I register for fall quarter classes?
Academic advising and registration will take place during Wildcat Welcome.
Do I have to take any placement tests prior to Wildcat Welcome?

If you have previously studied a foreign language (Arabic, Latin, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian/Slavic, Spanish, or Swahili), chemistry, computer science, mathematics, or physics, and you plan to continue to study these subjects at Northwestern, you'll need to determine at what level to begin. Departments teaching these subjects may use your scores on the Advanced Placement (AP) Examination, SAT II, and/or a Northwestern placement exam to help you plan an appropriate academic program.

Carefully read the Placement Exam section of this website to determine if you need to take a placement test either over the summer or during Wildcat Welcome. As a rule, online placement exams should be taken as early as possible.

Can I get a printed copy of the Wildcat Welcome schedule?
Upon check-in to your residence hall or residential college, you will receive a printed booklet that will contain the complete Wildcat Welcome schedule. A general overview of the Wildcat Welcome schedule will be available for students in the August issue of "March to the Arch."
Who is my Peer Adviser?
The Wildcat Welcome staff members - known as Peer Advisers - are returning Northwestern students who have completed training and are knowledgeable about various services, programs, and procedures on campus. As an incoming freshman or transfer student, you will be assigned to a group facilitated by a Peer Adviser until the end of your first year. Your Peer Adviser will contact you in July (August for students with majors in Weinberg) to help you prepare for your first year at Northwestern.
Does Northwestern offer any special programs for new students prior to orientation?

Information coming soon.