Parent and Family Orientation

As a parent, when should I leave?

Families decide to leave at a variety of times during Parent and Family Orientation, though traditionally families leave in three equal waves: at the conclusion of move-in day (Monday evening), right after March Throug the Arch (Tuesday morning ending at 10 a.m.), or at the end of all PFO programming (Tuesday evening ending at 5 p.m.).  

Once a student begins their orientation programming on Monday afternoon (at approximately 4 p.m.), there will be no concurent scheduling between a student and family member's orientation schedule except for 30 minutes on Tuesday morning at the conclusion of March Through the Arch where there is a pause in the schedule for Kiss'n'Bye. Please take this into consideration when you are planning travel and times to see your student as they set off to begin their college career. 

When do I see my student if they are participating in a POP (Pre-Orientation Program)?

Most students will unite with family members the morning of move-in day.

Do I participate in orientation events with my student?

The student and parent schedules are concurent; there are no joint sessions that occur. Though parents attend March Through the Arch, students are with their Peer Adviser groups while the parents stand to the sides to cheer on the new students.

We are traveling a great distance, how do we get our items to campus for the residence hall room?

If families are not driving or flying out their items, they will decide to ship items to campus in advance. Please visit the Undergraduate Housing FAQ section for more information on shipping items to campus.