Steering Committee 2012 - 2013

Dan A.   Lewis – OBON Chair
School of Education and Social Policy Director,
Center for Civic Engagement
Jonathan Freaney
Interdepartmental Biological Sciences (IBiS)
Andrea Abel      
Coordinator of Special Projects President's Office            
Elizabeth Gerber
Assistant Professor,Mechanical Engineering     
Design for America
Nancy Anderson             
Director of Residential Colleges                
Reginald Gibbons            
Professor, WCAS English              
Aspasia Apostolakis      
Director of Alumni Relations 
Chelsea Glenn
CCE/ OBON Fellow         
Paul Arntson    
Professor, Communications
Mary Goldenberg       
Director of Residential Life
Andrea Bell        
Community Service Coordinator              
Heidi Gross
Center for Civic Engagement - Staff        
Betsi Suzanne Burns
Assistant Dean of Students
Robert  Gundlach            
Program Director (Academic), WCAS Writing Program    
Corinne Chin   
OBON Fellow
John (Jody) Kretzmann
Research Associate Professor
Human Development & Social Policy; Community Liaison for CCE
Diane Claussen
Managing Director of the Theatre  and Interpretation Center         
Maud Hickey     
Associate Professor, Music Studies
Nancy Cunniff  
OBON Project Coordinator          
Stephen Hill     
Associate Director, Office of Fellowships
Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Anthropology               
Chris Davidson
Outreach and Community Services Librarian        
Albert Hunter
Sociology and Urban Studies                
Rob Donahue   
Associate Director of CCE
Kenneth Hutchinson     
Urban Prep, NU Alum 
Jack Doppelt   
Medill School of Journalism   
Deborah Kaltman
Adviser in the International Office
James Farr         
WCAS Political Science
Lucile Krasnow
Special Assistant for Community Relations
Julie Payne Kirchmeier
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Patricia (Penny) Nichols
Senior Lecturer of Spanish and Portuguese
Eugene Lowe    
Assistant to the President
Leonard Rubinowitz       
Professor of Law  
Mary Pattillo
WCAS Sociology
Bill Savage          
Distinguished Senior Lecturer in English and WCAS College Adviser            
Marianne Ryan
Associate University Librarian for Public Services
Albert Song
OBON Fellow                                          
Carl Smith           
WCAS English
Alexander R. Van Atta
ASG Student Life Vice President
Tim Stevens      
University Chaplain
Arianna Wise
OBON Fellow              
Tyr Wiesner-Hanks
OBON Fellow     
Rebecca Wurtz,
MD Associate Professor,
Department of Preventive Medicine, Feinberg