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All students, faculty and staff are invited to test their powers of prognostication with NUpredicts, an app inspired by this year’s One Book selection. Predict the outcomes of events all year, including sports, the election, and awards shows.

Steve Carr, Faculty Chair

A Note from Steve Carr, One Book One Northwestern Faculty Chair

Now we have entered the programming year in full swing. The second Presidential Debate was viewed in Norris at the Starbucks lounge on October 9th, and the third and final Presidential Debate will similarly be viewed this Wednesday, October 19th, starting at 8:00PM. Of course, the main event for this election cycle will be on November 8th. To highlight the election, we are launching another competition using our app, NUpredicts, starting October 25th.  As this is one of Nate Silver’s signature domains, see if you are smarter than the pundits. Download the NUpredicts app on your phone or visit on your phone/computer/mobile device to enter your election predictions.

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