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2017-18 One Book selection announced

“Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality,” a book that brings a provocative perspective to one of the most studied texts in U.S. history, is Northwestern University’s One Book One Northwestern all-campus read for the 2017-18 academic year. The author of “Our Declaration,” Danielle Allen, will deliver a keynote address Oct. 19 at Northwestern and sign books. All first-year students are given a copy of the One Book each year.

Steve Carr, Faculty Chair

A Note from Steve Carr, One Book One Northwestern Faculty Chair

In the past few days we had two events, each of which illustrated in their own way how exploitation of results from large-scale analytics improves our lives. The first one, “The Signal and the Noise in Our Weather and Climate,” was a panel discussion led by noted meteorologist, Tom Skilling, and Don Wuebbles and Karen Weigert. We all know that making weather predictions is a complicated business, but we also got assurance from Prof. Wuebbles that our conclusions about global warming are unassailable. And then on Monday, April 24th, we heard Prof. Dirk Brockmann speak on “Experimental Epidemiology -- Exploring Contagion Processes on High-Resolution Contact Networks." This field relies on data from infection transmission of the Black Plagues to the current spread of the Zika virus. The mathematical models he showed may be crucial in managing populations at risk of contracting virulent diseases.

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