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2017-18 One Book selection announced

“Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality,” a book that brings a provocative perspective to one of the most studied texts in U.S. history, is Northwestern University’s One Book One Northwestern all-campus read for the 2017-18 academic year. The author of “Our Declaration,” Danielle Allen, will deliver a keynote address Oct. 19 at Northwestern and sign books. All first-year students are given a copy of the One Book each year.
Steve Carr, Faculty Chair

A Note from Steve Carr, One Book One Northwestern Faculty Chair

The year of exploring the broad expanse of fields that rely on data to make outcomes predictions concluded with the number of campus-based events at an impressive 70 and total attendance that exceeded an astonishing 14,000 students, faculty, guest-specialists, staff and community members. We illustrated in so many different ways how predictions, both profound and trivial, are made as best as we can on the basis of best available information.

For example, it’s been fun this year to follow championship sports tournaments to their conclusions and to see how reliable were’s predictions as the succession of eliminated teams grew in each case. Sometimes Nate Silver’s organization had been very reliable in getting it right, but – no surprise – sometimes there were unforeseen factors that threw them off.

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