Party and Social Hosting Tips

students in residential area at night

Northwestern students work hard, and many choose to play hard as well. That can be a good thing, as long as it is done in a responsible and respectful manner. As a member of the Northwestern and Evanston/Chicago-metro communities, you and your guests are expected to comply with all local, state, and federal laws, in addition to the University’s Code of Student Conduct.

Use these party and social hosting tips to help plan a gathering. Remember that neighbors and community members will call the police if they feel disturbed.

Avoid these common party violations at your next social gathering. Excessive noise and trash/littering are the two most common issues that initiate complaints.

If you choose to host a social gathering, familiarize yourself with the prohibited and restricted behaviors outlined in Northwestern's Student Code of Conduct - especially those that pertain to alcohol and other drugs.

Drinking alcohol responsibly is especially important for students' safety. Alcohol & Other Drug Resources offers more information on drinking and using drugs in a way that minimizes harm to self and others.