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In the Latina and Latino Studies Program (LLSP) at Northwestern University, students may take a variety of courses pertaining to the histories, political experiences, cultural, artistic and material expressions, and intellectual traditions of Latinas and Latinos living in the United States. If you are interested in learning more about Latina and Latino Studies, please visit their website or facebook page. 

Recommended Courses:

LATINO 201: Intro to Latina/o Studies
LATINO 218-0: Latino History
LATINO 222: Latino Youth in U.S. Cities
LATINO 277-0: Intro to Latina/o Literature
LATINO 391: Topics in Latina and Latino History
LATINO 392-0: Topics in Latina/o Social and Political Issues
LATINO 393: Latina/o Popular Music
LATINO 395: Capstone Seminar in Latina and Latino Studies
LATINO 399: Independent Study
ANTH 369: Contemporary Immigration
HISTORY 308-0: American West
POL 395: Latino Politics
SPANISH 230: Margins and Centers in Latin American Literature and Culture
SPANISH 397: Cultural Politics of Latino Languages

Latino Alumni of Northwestern University (LANU)

Facebook: Latino Alumni of Northwestern University – LANU
Twitter: NULatinoAlumni