Student Groups

MSA First-Year Activities Board (MSA FAB)

Through MSA's First-Year Activities Board, you will meet and connect with other first-year students from around the University, learn about important resources designed to help you succeed at Northwestern, and develop important leadership skills that will last a lifetime. It's a fun, easy, and unique way of getting involved on campus. Membership is open to any first-year student. Don't wait! Fill out the membership form and join today!

African Student Association (ASA)

Student models pose at the African Student Association's fashion show in 2011

ASA is a student organization that promotes African Awareness within the greater Northwestern community. The group’s main goal is to provide a deeper understanding of the roots and histories of African culture. Some programs that ASA hosts are Afropollo, the annual Cultural Show, and a lecture series each quarter. ASA also mentors African children weekly at the Sunlight African Community Center.

African American Theatre Ensemble (AATE)

AATE serves to expose the Northwestern community to the fullest spectrum of theatrical work and interpretation by producing and/or sponsoring African American plays, poetry reading, variety shows, ceremonies and rituals. AATE seeks to provide a forum where both experienced and amateur performers can participate in productions highlighting the African American experience.


CaribNation's Executive Board for the 2012-2013 school yearCaribNation promotes cultural awareness of the Caribbean throughout both the Northwestern and the surrounding community. Through celebrating, preserving, and educating others about Caribbean culture, CaribNation satisfies these objectives. In addition to reaching out to the community, CaribNation aims to offer guidance to undergraduates of Caribbean descent by utilizing a strong, collective voice.

For Members Only (FMO)

FMO's Exec Board for the 2011-2012 school year

For Members Only, more commonly referred to as FMO, is the voice of the Black community at Northwestern. Providing major programming throughout the year as well as partaking in co-sponsored events, FMO’s goal is to raise political, social, and cultural awareness of the Black community throughout Northwestern’s campus and the surrounding Evanston area. FMO members are the dedicated few who don’t stand by and criticize, but stand up and promote change. Throughout the year, FMO collaborates with other student groups to enhance the Black student experience. Some of the programs include the Black Family Reunion, State of the Black Union Address as well as their annual Spring Concert. Their collaborative efforts include programming with the Northwestern University Black Alumni Association (NUBAA) as well as ASG and AASA. Being one of the largest student groups within NU, FMO dedicates its time to making Northwestern University the best environment it can be for the NU African American student community.

House on the Rock (HOTR)

House on the Rock (HoTR) is a chapter of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and has been serving Northwestern’s Black community for over 25 years. HoTR’s goal is to build a family of Spirit-filled Kingdom builders and to provide students with an environment that fosters community and spiritual growth.

Movement Dance and Step Team

Members of the student dance team, Movement, perform at Harambee 2012The purpose of Movement is to create and showcase the many aspects of Black dance and step. This includes African, Caribbean, Afro-Caribbean, and African American dancing and stepping styles of expressive performance. Through various dance styles including hip-hop, dancehall, modern, ballet, as well as non-Greek affiliated step, Movement strives to promote diversity on NU’s campus.

Northwestern Community Ensemble (NCE)

NCE members sing at Harambee 2011NCE was founded in 1971, providing an outlet for Black students who found themselves unwelcome in various other choral groups. Today, NCE has become a haven and spiritual release for all NU students and remains rooted in the rich heritage found in Black gospel music and worship. NCE remains fiercely dedicated to its commitment to bring spiritual inspiration to the Northwestern University and the surrounding community.

Pulse Magazine

Formerly known as BlackBoard Magazine, Pulse is NU's Black student magazine. The first goal of the magazine is to meet the need for Black voices that most campus publications cannot satisfy. Published quarterly, Pulse's writers hope to challenge readers to think critically and better connect with the Black student community, and to facilitate the creation of open forums for diverse students to express themselves.

Fraternities and Sororities

Northwestern has active chapters for seven of the nine nationally-known and historically Black fraternies and sororities. Below you will find links to each chapter's offical University homepage. For more information on the Black greek experience, contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.