About Us

African American Student Affairs (AASA)

A fisheye lens' view of the Black House, 1914 Sheridan Road.African American Student Affairs (AASA), is one of four departments within Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA). The other three departments are Asian / Asian American Student Affairs, Hispanic/Latino Student Affairs and the LGBT Resource Center. AASA is located at 1914 Sheridan Road, colloquially refered to as "The Black House."

Students who identify as Black/African American comprise approximately 5% of the Northwestern undergraduate population. The student population needs a place that is familiar with the unique needs of this group.

The Mission

AASA seeks to offer unique programs and services that enhance the collegiate experience of African American and Black students. Through collaborative relationships across campus, the department offers educational, professional, and social resources designed to meet student needs.  The goal is to help students develop holistically, supporting initiatives that enable them to lead successful and enriched lives.

  • Support issues of social justice
  • Celebrate the culture of the community
  • Advocate for the students