Mentoring Program

Program Overview

Sponsored and coordinated by Asian/Asian American Student Affairs (A/AASA), the Mentoring Program is intended to help facilitate the transition process to life at Northwestern for new Asian and Asian American students.

The program is designed to accomplish these goals:

  • To provide new Asian and Asian American students with a support system to help facilitate their transition to Northwestern.
  • To acquaint new students with the university and Evanston environments.
  • To provide opportunities for new students to connect with other Asian and Asian American students, mentors, and A/AASA staff.
  • To provide new students with an opportunity to think about what they want to accomplish in college and how they want to contribute to the Northwestern community, especially in relation to the Asian/Asian American community.

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In our Mentoring Program, participants are paired with mentors who act as guides for new students to navigate the Northwestern community and as a resource and support for accomplishing academic, personal, and professional goals. Our mentors help new students transition to life at Northwestern by sharing personal experiences, advice, and perspectives and introducing participants to new people and new opportunities.

Mentors contribute in a variety of ways so that new students can have a positive first-year experience and find their niche on campus. They encourage new students to take advantage of the array of opportunities, resources, and networks within and beyond the Asian/Asian American community and help them discover how they want to contribute to the campus community.


Mentees and mentors will be matched according to preferences stated on the respective applications and according to availability. In this way, students are provided with as comfortable a mentoring experience as possible.

It should be noted that matching mentees with mentors is not a perfect process. Although we do our best to honor the preferences of all program participants, we cannot guarantee that all preferences will be met.

Meeting Your Mentor

During the month or so prior to Wildcat Welcome, mentors will contact their mentees to introduce themselves. Once everyone is back on campus in mid-September, mentors will set a date and time to meet with their mentees. And at the end of September is a mini retreat for all mentees and mentors to meet and get to know each other.

Mentee Expectations

By participating in the program, mentees can expect to gain:

  • Relationships with people who care about them and are willing to help them have the best college experience possible.
  • Insights into opportunities, resources, and networks to enhance their college experience.
  • Ideas of what they want to do and how they can contribute during their time at Northwestern.
  • Opportunities to meet other students.

And as participants in the program, mentees will be expected to maintain:

  • Active participation during at least the fall quarter.
  • Consistent communication with their mentors.
  • A positive attitude about new opportunities and experiences.


View the 2011-12 Activities Schedule

Activities include the mentee/mentor retreat, informal activities amongst a mentoring pair and family, and program-wide activities for all participants.

Questions? Contact

Louie Lainez, Director