Mini-Fridge Rental/Purchase

Many students opt to keep mini-fridges in their residence hall rooms to conveniently hold snacks, leftovers, and cold drinks within an arm’s reach. Northwestern Residential Services has partnered with RezEssentials to offer mini-fridge rentals and sales. RezEssentials is the only mini-fridge provider authorized to deliver products to residence halls and provides free delivery of fridges directly to students’ rooms before they arrive on campus.
Fridge sales are backed by a one-year warranty that guarantees free replacement of faulty fridges, and rentals are backed by a warranty that extends over the entire rental period.


Worried about storage over the summer or transport of your fridge back home after move-out? Rentals represent a lower-cost and hassle-free alternative to purchasing a mini-fridge. In order to facilitate your transition into and out of your residence hall room, RezEssentials provides both free delivery before move-in and free handling and removal after move-out.

How to Rent/Purchase a Mini-fridge

  1. Visit the RezEssentials site:
  2. Add either a mini-fridge rental or purchase to your cart.
  3. Input your residence hall assignment and room number in the checkout screen.*
  4. When you arrive on campus on move-in-day, your mini-fridge will be waiting for you in your room!

Visit the RezEssentials website to order a mini-fridge and other residence hall goods or for more information.