Administrator Payroll Information

Payroll Contacts

Schedules of Payroll Cut-Off Dates

  • Monthly Pay and Cut-Off Dates:   2014 PDF   /   2015 PDF
    The dates each month by which paperwork, including Position/Appointment Forms and Additional Pay Forms, must be submitted to affect the monthly payroll. 
  • Biweekly Pay Periods and Cut-Off Dates:   2014 PDF   /   2015 PDF
    The biweekly pay dates and corresponding cut-offs for biweekly hire paperwork.
  • Department Payroll Calendar:  Non-Feinberg Payroll PDF   /  Feinberg Payroll
    Deadlines and notices for the current month's biweekly, monthly, and adjustment payrolls. 

Funding and Journals

Funding for positions, temporary employees, and journal entries have been deployed to departments using FASIS.

Other Payment Forms

Additional/Special Pay:

Summer/Research Quarter Salary:

Benefit Rates

Multiple fringe benefit rates may be applied to payroll salary payments depending on the account code for the chart string.

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