FASIS Admin Documentation

Access to any FASIS Admin function below requires completion of appropriate FASIS training courses and authorization via FASIS Security Forms.  All documents are PDF downloads unless otherwise indicated.

HRS102: Deployed Funding

Training Handouts Additional Funding Resources

HRS103: Temp Administration

Training Handouts

HRS104: Query Development
HRS106: Running Public Queries

Training Handouts Additional Query Resources

HRS201: Annual Salary Planning for Staff
HRS202: Annual Salary Planning for Faculty
HRS203: Annual Salary Planning for Faculty and Staff

For all documentation, deadlines, and training materials, refer to the Annual Salary Planning webpage.

HRS321: eDevelopment for Course Administrators

Training Handouts

HRS341: NU Scholars Publications Query Package

Report Documentation Other Resources

HRS401: Position Data/Appointment Forms

Training Handouts Additional Resources

HRS402: Summer Salary Forms