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Welcome to the Northwestern University Temporary Staffing Center, our in-house temporary employment service.  We maintain this Temporary Staffing Center to assist our hiring managers in filling temporary long- and short-term vacancies and to aid job applicants seeking temporary employment.  The NU Temporary Staffing Center provides temporary staffing coverage for various needs throughout the University during vacations, leaves of absence, special projects, seasonal peaks and unexpected business demands.  We also frequently assist departments in filling regular vacancies through temporary to regular job service.

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Office Visits by Appointment Only
Temp Staffing Center - Evanston: 
1801 Maple Avenue  •  Ph: 847-467-1048  •  Fx: 847-556-6518
Temp Staffing Center - Chicago: Rubloff Building, 750 N Lake Shore Drive, Rm 693/694  •  Ph: 312-503-1234  •  Fx: 847-563-1328
Email: tcadmin@northwestern.edu 
Tina Martin Manager, Talent Acquisition - Temp Center tina.martin@northwestern.edu 847-467-3271
Annum Qureshi Talent Acquisition Partner, Temp Center - Evanston annum.qureshi@northwestern.edu 847-467-3272
Jad Streets Talent Acquisition Partner, Temp Center - Chicago jad.streets@northwestern.edu 312-503-2334
Amanda Chio Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Temp Center - Evanston amanda.chio@northwestern.edu 847-467-3318
Bahar Cimic Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Temp Center - Evanston bahar.uribe@northwestern.edu 847-467-3277
Rachel Montasterio Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Temp Center - Chicago rachel-monasterio@northwestern.edu 312-503-1234