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Reimbursement for Care

GeoBlue makes every effort to direct travelers to facilities with which they have a direct financial relationship so that travelers do not incur out-of-pocket costs. However, this is not always possible in all locations abroad. If travelers pay up-front for care, GeoBlue will reimburse these costs, so long as the patient produces an itemized provider bill/documentation and submits a claim within one year of coverage dates.

Reimbursement requests can be made by email, mobile app, GeoBlue website, fax, or postal mail. Travelers must include all receipts and a completed claim form. Travelers should indicate that GeoBlue is their primary provider for overseas claims and provide their GeoBlue student certificate number or employee access number for quicker processing.


Address:  (Students) GeoBlue, 100 Matsonford Rd, One Radnor Corporate Center, Suite 100, Radnor, PA 19087(Employees) GeoBlue, Attn: GeoBlue Claims Department, P. O. Box 1748, Southeastern, PA 19399-1748

Fax:  1.610.482.9953 (Student Claims)      1.610.482.9623 (Employee Claims)

For travelers registered with GeoBlue, reimbursement claims can also be submitted through the GeoBlue website by following instructions to “How to file claims.” Remember, to access the website, students must register by using their unique certificate number assigned after enrollment. Employees should follow the instructions to register on the GeoBlue for Employees webpage. 

For questions or concerns, contact GeoBlue’s customer service (24/7) at 1.844.268.2686 (Students) or 1.888.412.6403 (Employees) or

Do not mail reimbursement requests to the Office of Global Safety and Security.

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