Learning Outcomes

learning outcomes information

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life has developed learning domains, in conjunction with the established learning domains for the university and student affairs, for many of the major programs and for major leadership positions. Chapter presidents and council officers are required to participate in a pre- and post-assessment to further establish the development of their leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes for Fraternity and Sorority Life

Students who engage in programs, activities, and services provided by Fraternity and Sorority Life will [or will be able to] . . .

  • Identify and use their personal strengths in leadership capacities to achieve chapter and community goals. (Interpersonal Competence)
  • Demonstrate personal responsibility and make informed decisions that are congruent with personal values and the principles/tenants of their national/international organizations. (Personal Development)
  • Use critical thinking skills (e.g., raise vital questions, gather and assess relevant information, think open mindedly with alternative systems of thought and communicate effectively) to positively shape the vision, goals, and activities of their chapters and community. (Cognitive and Practical Skills)
  • Demonstrate care and concern for others within their chapters and community. (Interpersonal Competence)