Paint Shop services

  • Process and supervise all painting requests for the University.  Unless the requested work is part of the normal building decorating cycle or is necessary due to normal wear and tear, the department will be charged for requested painting services.
  • Wash and spot paint surfaces as required.
  • Hang wall coverings and perform all standard scheduled building decorating.
  • Provide various signage used throughout the University, including office signs, such as engraved door and desk nameplates or room numbers and interior and exterior building identification signs.

Paint selection

  • The type of paint and the colors are chosen according to University standards in order to make maintenance as efficient as possible.
  • In some cases, special colors may be requested at an additional cost to the requesting department although the colors still must be compatible with the standard colors used throughout the building.

Signage selection

  • A variety of engraved or decal types are available and most existing styles, including A.D.A., can be matched.
  • These signs are purchased from a local vendor and because of the volume we order can often be provided at a lower cost than other outside vendors.