Social Responsibility

The Social Responsibility Committee has a broad mandate for the upholding of fairness, decency, social concerns and responsibilities within our community.  This includes but is not exhausted by: adherence to and operating upon the highest standards of environmental concern; fair and good working-conditions for all  NU employees, including those working on campus but not employed directly by the university such as food-providers and construction-workers; monitoring and seeking to prevent instances of injustice in the university’s disciplinary procedures.

Chair: Joshua Hauser, Associate Professor, Medicine (Feinberg)

Rebecca Gilman, Professor, Radio/Television/Film (SoC)
Tarek Hijaz, Assistant Professor, Radiology (Feinberg)
James Hill, Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery (Feinberg)
Micaela di Leonardo, Professor, Anthropology (Weinberg)
Marcus Moseley, Associate Professor, German (Weinberg)
Kai Orton, Research Assistant Professor, Non-Tenure Eligible (SESP)
Rachel Beatty Riedl, Associate Professor, Political Science (Weinberg)
Junko Sato, Senior Lecturer, Asian Languages & Cultures (Weinberg)
Jane Winston, Associate Professor, French & Italian (Weinberg)