Social Responsibility

The Social Responsibility Committee has a broad mandate for the upholding of fairness, decency, social concerns and responsibilities within our community.  This includes but is not exhausted by: adherence to and operating upon the highest standards of environmental concern; fair and good working-conditions for all  NU employees, including those working on campus but not employed directly by the university such as food-providers and construction-workers; monitoring and seeking to prevent instances of injustice in the university’s disciplinary procedures.

Chair: Joshua Hauser, Associate Professor, Medicine (Feinberg)

Rebecca Gilman, Professor, Radio/Television/Film (SoC)
Tarek Hijaz, Assistant Professor, Radiology (Feinberg)
Micaela di Leonardo, Professor, Anthropology (Weinberg)
Marcus Moseley, Associate Professor, German (Weinberg)
Kai Orton, Research Assistant Professor, Non-Tenure Eligible (SESP)
Rachel Beatty Riedl, Associate Professor, Political Science (Weinberg)
Junko Sato, Senior Lecturer, Asian Languages & Cultures (Weinberg)
Jane Winston, Associate Professor, French & Italian (Weinberg)